Ottawa, Ontario


GCM offers a variety of services to our Clients which include but are not limited to the fast growing Design Build, General Contracting and Construction Management. GCM's commitment is to ensure that Clients who use our services realize their goal, whether a new building or a renovation, on time and with the most cost-effective approach.

Design Build

The Design Build project methodology incorporates the Client’s vision with the expertise of leading edge Consultants. The process requires the Design Build contractor to retain the services of an architect(s) and design team. This design team conceptualizes the project and offers a preliminary design concept. Upon an agreement in principal between the Contractor and Client relative to the design, the Design Builder and team of Consultants with the participation of the Client continue the development of the construction documents until a complete construction package is achieved.

The Design Build process is very unique, allowing construction to begin while final design issues continue to be resolved.

The Design Build process aligns designers and builders on one team thus promoting a cohesive balance between design, technical and construction issues.

General Contracting

This is common a form of project implementation, especially for large projects, and is often referred to as “Traditional Delivery”. It is a “time tested” arrangement that ensures best possible price at time of tender. The advantage to this type of delivery is that the total cost of construction is known at the outset.

The Client retains an architect as the Prime Consultant to lead a design team. Typically the design team consists of a landscape architect and engineering consultants such as structural, geotechnical, civil, mechanical, electrical, and interiors designers. This team works with the Client to establish the project requirements and design.

Once the design phase is completed the Prime Consultant will commence the construction phase with a tender call. This procedure is set forth through the construction documents (plans and specifications) developed by the design team.

Typically the Client invites three to five pre-qualified General Contractors (GC) to bid on the project, although the client may invite as many bidders as they wish. The successful GC enters into a lump sum agreement with the client to build the project. Construction cannot begin until all design work; construction documents and tendering are complete.

The GC organizes and manages the work and is directly responsible to the Client for the performance and quality of construction. The GC arranges for subcontractors to undertake portions of the work and supplies general trade where required. During the course of construction the Client’s Prime Consultant would monitor the GC's work for compliance to the contract, assist with any clarifications required, issue and approve changes to the contract and would review invoices for payment on behalf of the Client.

Construction Management

Our Construction Management team will act on behalf of the Client for a set fee. The objective is to coordinate the different processes according to the Client’s pre-set schedule for timely project completion.

The Construction Manager mediates between owner, designers, sub-contractors and suppliers. As a Construction Management team we excel in coordination, overseeing the entire process from inception to design and finally execution. GCM's team of experienced professionals will develop a realistic and practical construction schedule within the set budget. In addition to coordinating the internal workings of a project, the team develops plans to control external concerns. These may include handling equipment and materials suppliers, developing plans with local emergency and fire departments for on site safety and associated risk management.

GCM's team is committed to maintaining harmonious and cohesive relationships throughout the entire process, while ensuring that the Client’s requirements are forefront thus facilitating a smooth and timely completion of a project.